Hi everyone, hope all of you are still healthy and safe! Let’s start this year off by protecting our loved ones and keeping safe, after all, our best asset is good health.

I wanted to share a though with you guys that I have been pondering about for quite some time now. It’s all about pets! No, not all of them might be furry but they all sure have something in common, the lessons they teach and have taught us as adults and what they can still teach our children.

These pets, most of which are cats and dogs, are dependent on us for food, water, shelter and other basic needs, sometimes a lot of work but in almost all cases, very rewarding. It teaches us to be selfless, caring and consider others, imagine what they’ll teach our kids from a young age… For those who are scared of dogs in specific, the right kind of dog can even teach you to overcome your fear, how great is that!

The crux of the matter: if you sit back and think of it, those that teach us some of life’s most important things are not always human, we just need to observe and apply.