New moms and what to know: Look, I’ve always said that when you’re expecting, there’s no time for shyness, put that aside because once labour hits or they wheel you in for C-section you’ll have between 2-15 people that will witness the (almost) whole of you, all your intimate parts. Just prepare yourself and your partner beforehand.

The other thing is, just having had a baby and breastfeeding is most likely to be the most “unsexy” time for you with breast pads, bleeding and wearing maternity pad or panties, your body not entirely the way you’re used to, maybe even a C-section which is stitched up and painful.

With all that said, when you look into your newborn’s eyes or watch them sleep, hold then, you’ll soon forget about the rest. Besides, most times, your partner, because of having this birth experience with you and having seen what you go through and witnessed your changing body, will still think you are attractive! Embrace it, you’ll actually miss it once it’s over!