In the midst of this chaotic world we call the new normal, I have not only come to the realization but also appreciation of our local artisans.

As a company that prides itself on locally, handmade goods, I always seek out suppliers from all corners of South Africa and even as close as home. I have focused so much on it lately and just came to the conclusion that we have so many people that are extremely creative, talented and innovative, especially when pressure of the economy is applied or when given a half a chance.

I truly have a new appreciation for our people and so much respect for those whose hands or minds can make them money. We focus so much on formal qualifications, yet I think the future lies in entrepreneurship, even kids who qualify with degrees and doctorates nowadays are not guaranteed a job, in that case, create your own opportunity. There’s a saying: “if you do what  you love, you will never work a day in your life” and I tend to agree fully.

Our primary and tertiary education should pivot to include a mindset of “creating your own brand/company/product” instead of focusing on the age old traditions. I think it’s also our duty as parents to guide our children to think this way, let them get bored, discover, play, imagine! It can only be beneficial in the end… Do not get me wrong, I have just as much respect for those with formal qualifications, I just think the opportunity for formal employment is on a strong decline, therefor, we have to prepare the mindsets for the “what if’s”, the harsh reality.

I am definitely not trying to be negative, I am trying to encourage our talented nation to work with your hands, do what you love, even if it starts off as a side hustle at first. There is something so rewarding in making something with your hands, creating something with your knowledge, whatever it may be…