Parenting in general is not easy, however with a few basic changes and principles, it will sure make things easier. a Book that sure helped me immensely with general small changes in life is called “The Slight Edge” written by Jeff Olson, really amazing. As people we always tend to think bigger and greater which is a good thing and gives us drive but in general most people don’t know where to start. This book equips you with tools to get there. Here are a few pointers from my perspective with special focus on parenting: 1. Wake up: wake up before your kids, this will give you a head start to do what you need to do before the rest of the household wakes up. 2. Show up and Be consistent: this applies to routine, discipline; small things. It goes from brushing teeth, taking a shower, eating at a specific time etc. 3. Prepare: this is such a great tool to lessen stress levels in daily lives: if you can, prepare food / meal plans, prepare educational outline for “homeschooling” and stick to it and the timeframe, if you know your child wants water for bed, take it to their room before they ask. 4. Relaxation/mindfulness: I know a lot of people struggle with time management and don’t get time for themselves but all it literally takes is doing deep breathing exercises when going to the loo, meditating or praying in the car on your way to work or home, these are just examples of many small things you can do on a daily basis. Little things makes a huge difference. Do yourself a favor and purchase or download the book, it can be applied to absolutely EVERYTHING. The basics are: Show up, Be consistent