This is always such a controversial subject. Either you want to breastfeed or you don’t, then there’s the factor of being physically able to breastfeed or not, baby latching or not. I know that the World Health Org. suggest 24 months of breastfeeding but soometimes it’s just not that easy.

I know for one that I wanted to breastfeed with my to girls yet, with the first my milk dried up at 6 weeks and with the second I got milk fever and she was not able to latch at all, I felt like I was carrying two cow udders on my chest (besides the fact that it’s extremely painful).

It is so tricky and so dependant on your mindset and body and other factors that if you manage to breastfeed for 24+ months, I solute you. If you are one of those mommies who wanted to breasfeed but couldn’t, I am sorry. It does not help to top over it though, let by gones be by gones.

You get milk donation centres all over the country if it is that important to you, do some research, better yet, ask someone you know who’s breastfeeding to “lend” you some at a price, at least you know their behaviour and what goes into their bodies.

There are ways around it all but just like with the manner in which baby was born, don’t make to much of a fuss about it, don’t beat yourself up, it does not make you lesser of a mom. Personal choice, we all differ and that’s a very good thing too…